Patient Advice

These local advice services are to add patients to manage both physical and mental health issues as well as give support for carers of the elderly and young.


City Advice - Get help with the cost of living

Are you worried about money and bills, making sure you are getting the help and support that is available to you?

Get help with benefits, debts, housing costs and more.

Call City Advice Today!!


They can help residents to:

  • save money by reducing their energy usage
  • install energy-saving devices in their homes
  • tackle energy or water debt
  • sign up to the priority services register (so they can get extra help and support from their energy supplier)



There are multiple services available to aid with the pressures of cost of living such as:

  • Green Doctors energy advice service, for our residents in the Square Mile who may be struggling with the cost of living. The service is free to call and free to use - 0300 365 3005.


  • More general support around the cost of living can be found on our Cost of Living website, or by calling City Advice on 020 7392 2919