Spring Booster Programme

Spring COVID Boosters

Spring COVID boosters will soon be available across North East London from 17th April. Bookings can be made via the National Booking System

People aged 75 years and older, residents in care homes for older people, and those aged 5 years and over with a weakened immune system will be offered a booster of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine this spring.

Timing of the spring booster

You should be offered an appointment between April and June, with those at highest risk being called in first. You will be invited to have your booster around 6 months from your last dose but you can have it from 3 months.

If you are turning 75 years of age between April and June, you will be called for vaccination during the campaign; you do not have to wait for your birthday.


Frequently Asked Questions for Housebound Patients

How will I get my Booster Vaccination?

In City and Hackney we have a Primary Care Network roving team who have agreed to deliver Covid booster vaccinations to housebound patients. Together these providers will cover all of our housebound patients within City and Hackney. All housebound patients registered in at the Neaman practice will be offered the vaccination in your home.  

Housebound patients will be contacted by a team City and Hacnkney Roving team to arrange their vaccination. They will generally contact you by a phone call.

During these appointments you will so be able to receive your Flu vaccination also.

When will I get my vaccination?

Booster vaccinations of our housebound patients are currently underway. If you need to have a booster vaccination in your home, please wait to hear from the Roving Team. Please note the Neaman Practice do not facilitate these appointments.

If you are unsure if you are on our list, please call reception and speak to Jahara our receptionist

I have become housebound since I got my last covid dose, what should I do to get my Booster Vaccine?

If you have become housebound since you received your second dose you should let your GP know. Your GP will be able to make a note on your patient record to say you are now housebound. We will then know to contact you to offer you a booster vaccination within your home.

Vaccination Update – from the City & Hackney Office of the PCNs

Dear All 

Please find the latests updates for the Covid Vaccination Updates 

shoreditch park and city pcn Vaccination Update (Hoxton Surgery)


There is now a service for our patients to book an appointment with the COVID Hotline to code in their vaccinations, therefore providing eligibility for the Covid Pass: