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Abroad Patients

Patients abroad, either for leisure or business looking to speak to a GP in the Uk.

Please note we are not permitted to treat you if you are abroad. Please seek medical attention from the services in your country of travel.

Medications can be permitted for up to 3 months prior to travel. Please make written request at least 2 weeks before your travel.


We have attached more information regarding healthcare abroad below:


Recording of overseas vaccinations

We continue to respond to queries concerning the recording of overseas vaccinations.

The following update from the London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC) on 24.08.21 clarifies the current situation:

“At the moment vaccines administered overseas cannot be recorded in the UK National Immunisation Management system (NIMS) which is the system used to show your vaccination status in the NHS App. 

Therefore the ability to show any “overseas” Vaccination Certificate and request a Vaccination Passport is not currently available from the NHS.

This issue is being worked on at a national level and an update is expected shortly.  Any queries regarding this issue need to be directed to NHS 119 or to NHS App support rather than the GP practice: https://www.nhs.uk/contact-us/nhs-app-contact-us/.

If people cannot access online services, and they are due to travel abroad in the near future, they can call 119 to request a letter that will provide evidence of their vaccination status. The NHS Vaccine Resolution Centre has now gone live for those who had COVID vaccinations abroad. This is accessible through 119.”

Kind regards,

Sinead R. Downes


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